Timisoara municipal bond issue II

Total loan value 20.000.000 RON
Financial advisor VMB Partners SA
Loan features Bond issuing
Issuing date 2005
Municipal bonds
Bonds type Municipal, nominative, dematerialized
Intermediary Raiffeisen Capital & Investment
Broker Raiffeisen Bank
Collateral of bond issue Own revenues
Regulated market where the bond issue is rated Bucharest Stock Exchange
Stock market symbol under which the bonds are tranzactioned TIM11
Bonds total maturity 6 years
Interest rate Fixed, 8,25 bps p.a.
Total number of bond issues 200000
Face value 100 RON
Trade value 100 RON
Total value 20.000.000 RON
Subscription period 15.06.2005 - 24.06.2005
CNVM authorization of the public offer prospect Decision no. 1698 / 06.06.2005
Capital investments Road rehabilitation in Timisoara
Additional information on the public offer of the prospect of bond issue. Here you can view the official page of Timisoara Town Hall.