Corporate bonds

Corporate bonds are issued by companies for the extending of operations. They have either fixed or adjustable installments, with maturities between 3 and 30 years. Besides the classic ones that pay the loan value at maturity, corporate bonds can also be convertible or have a ‘call’ option. In the case of the convertible ones, the bonds holder can exchange for the lent amount of money to shares within the company. Bonds with a ‘call’ option give the possibility of rebuying them at maturity with an established price at the issuing date. Corporate bonds advantages:

•   Corporate bonds are a cheaper way of funding, adopting a long-term loan.
•   You can invest in well-known local or international companies.
•   You can benefit from attractive profits from currency exchange.
•   The offered interest rate is above the market average, for a long period of time.

Municipal bonds →

Municipal bonds are issued by county councils sau or city authorities in regard to financing project investments.

Sebes municipal bond issue II

Issuing date: 2004
Value: 1.500.000 RON

Tirgu Mures municipal bond issue II

Issuing date: 2004
Value: 3.000.000 RON

Alba Iulia municipal bond issue

Issuing date: 2005
Value: 24.500.000 RON

Aiud municipal bond issue

Issuing date: 2003
Value: 500.000 RON

Alba Iulia municipal bond issue II

Issuing date: 2003
Value: 2.400.000 RON

Slobozia municipal bond issue II

Issuind date: 2007
Value: 50.000.000 RON

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