Local Economic Development Strategies

Local development strategy aids local communities and authorities, as an instrument of guidance for economic and social development. The functional frame for the local development strategy is based on two organisms, that fundament and support its elaboration and implementation. These organisms, most of the time formalized through local normative or administrative documents generate and ensure, on one hand, a participative planning process of development based on integrated control systems, to stimulate cooperation and mutual interest for development, and on the other hand, developing coordination mechanisms at the level of executive local public authorities.

Periodic updating of strategic planning implies following a few procedural steps, coordinated by an advisor. This process involves:

  • Structuring a partnership between local authorities, the privat sector and civil society and organizing a strategic development program;
  • Organizing civil consultations;
  • Context analysis and updating/improving the community profile;
  • Identification of critical aspects of development, SWOT analysis;
  • Updating the mission, the vision and the strategic objectives;
  • Elaborating action plans on critical issues.

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