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VMB Partners always has the best interests of their clients along the entire process of attracting reimbursable grants. Thus, interest rates that are paid find themselves under very attractive levels. Updating the interest rates obtained for our clients, according to the negotiated calculus formulas, values of under 4% are the result, sometimes even going as low as 2%.

Local Public Authority Banking Loan/Municipal Bonds Interest Rate*
Arad County  Banking loan 2,34%
Petrosani City Banking loan 3,54%
Suceava City Banking loan 2,54%
Tirgu Mures City Banking loan 4,24%
CJ Alba City Banking loan 2,39%
Bistrita City Banking loan 3,04%
Timisoara City Bond issuing  1,03%
CJ Hunedoara City  Bond issuing 1,43%
Alba Iulia City Bond issuing 2,50%
Alba Iulia City Bond issuing 1,966%
Iasi City Bond issuing 1,875%
Predeal City  Bond issuing 2,50%
Bacau City Bond issuing 2,103%
Tirgu Mures City Bond issuing 1,678%
Zalau City Bond issuing 2,54%
Timis County Bond issuing 2,04%
Bistrita City Bond issuing 1,645%
Focsani City Bond issuing 1,79%
Orastie City Bond issuing 2,09%
Slobozia City Bond issuing 2,02%

*according to ROBID and ROBOR at the date of the calculation 

We have been working together with VMB Partners over the last 10 years to achieve important goals of Alba Iulia, like: issuing bonds, elaborating the development strategy of the city, and getting a credit rating from an international rating agency, the latter being a premiere in Romania. They are always aware of legislative changes, provided innovative solutions in order to fit our needs and are always interested in creating new products for local development. VMB Partners contributed significantly to the city development in many aspects.

Nicolaie Moldovan

City Manager, Municipiul Alba Iulia

VMB Partners are well documented and always keep us updated with any new relevant information. They have been proving professionalism and involvement in solving problems that we encountered in the process of financing local infrastructure.

Gheorghina Ribovici

Executive Director, Arad County

It is very difficult for a local government to have all necessary information in order to make the best decision when it comes to fund and/or borrow money. Therefore, City of Zalău collaborated with VMB Partners for advising us throughout the entire financing procedure, starting from negotiating with bank representatives in order to obtain lowest possible interest rates, to loan authorization by the Ministry of Finance. VMB Partners treated our requests with responsibility and professionalism, proving each time it is a true PARTNER.

Mariana Cuibus

Executive Director, City of Zalău

Our collaboration with VMB Partners was focused on consulting services for financing the city capital investment plan. During our co-operation, VMB Partners’ personnel were involved at all stages of financing, making sure the city would borrow funds at low interest rates.

Elisabeta Vaideanu

Executive Director, City of Suceava

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VMB Partners always has the best interests of their clients along the entire process of attracting reimbursable grants. Thus, interest rates that are paid...

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