Interest rates obtained by VMB Partners for her clients

Aprilie 2016

VMB Partners always has the best interests of their clients along the entire process of attracting reimbursable grants. Thus, interest rates that are paid find themselves under very attractive levels. Updating the interest rates obtained for our clients, according to the negotiated calculus formulas, values of under 4% are the result, sometimes even going as low as 2%. Local Public Authority Credit/municipal bonds Interest rate*
Arad County Credit 2,34%
Petrosani City Credit 3,54%
Suceava City Credit 2,54%
CJ Alba Credit 2,39%
Bistrita City Credit 3,04%
Timisoara City Bond issuing 1,03%
CJ Hunedoara Bond issuing 1,43%
Alba Iulia City Bond issuing 2,50%
Alba Iulia City Bond issuing 1,966%
Iasi City Bond issuing 1,875%
Predeal City Bond issuing 2,50%
Bacau City Bond issuing 2,103%
Tirgu Mures City Bond issuing 1,678%/
Zalau City Bond issuing 2,54%
Timis County Bond issuing 2,04%
Bistrita City Bond issuing 1,645%
Focsani City Bond issuing 1,79%
Orastie City Bond issuing 2,09%
Slobozia City Bond issuing 2,02%
*according to ROBID and ROBOR at the date of the calculation